International Conference on Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources

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International Conference on Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources

Pattimura University
Jl. Ir. M. Putuhena, Kampus Poka 97233
Ambon, ID

November 28, 2020 – November 28, 2020

High population growth is certainly a factor in the increasing human need for natural resources, be it for both consumption and production needs.  This increases the utilization of natural resources as time progresses. The government is currently directing the use of natural resources to support economic development into three priorities, namely (1) Increasing Food Security, Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Revitalization; (2) Increasing Energy Resilience and Independence; and (3) Increasing the management of Mineral and Mining Resources. Thus, natural resources are considered as valuable assets in advancing national development.

Indonesia has a very high land and marine natural resources potential, and is a vital object in increasing the nation’s economic sector. The utilization of natural resources wisely and sustainably can provide opportunities in the future, especially in economic resilience. Referring to the main priority of economic development, it can be illustrated that the utilization of natural resources from each sector can become the foundation for the economic development of the nation, for example through the absorption of labor as the producer itself. Especially at this time, when the entire world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic that has nearly paralyzed the economy, the utilization of natural resources has to be done effectively. For this reason, strategic policies are needed to support the right pattern and purpose of proper utilization.

However, the utilization of natural resource is sometimes deemed ineffective in contributing to the welfare of the people. On one hand, the utilization of natural resources is considered to have not been utilized optimally, while on the other hand utilization is considered to have exceeded and one day it could become a time bomb if the sustainability aspect is not considered.

This topic is quite urgent because it is in line with state policies in maintaining economic stability. So as part of the academic world of a large nation, Pattimura University feels the importance of providing a means for academics in expressing various thoughts related to this matter. For this reason, a National Seminar entitled Utilization of Natural Resources for Economic Resilience will be held, so that it may become a medium for bringing together academics as well as disseminating various research results on the use of natural resources to support economic resilience.

This seminar is also a tool to synergize the world of education as a provider of ideas and scientific information with the government as a decision maker/policy maker and the private sector as a manager and developer. The results of this seminar are expected to make a positive contribution to the government in formulating various strategic policies in the use of natural resources for economic resilience, so that in the future it can reach an optimal and sustainable point, as well as prosperity.


Keynote Speaker


Invited Speaker

  • Prof. Dr. Kay Dimmock (Southern Cross University)

  • Prof. Dr. Soto Yamamoto (Kagoshima University, Japan)

  • Prof. Dr. Jeff Sayer (University of British Columbia, Canada)

  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Yves Laumonier (CIRAT-CIFOR, France)

  • Dr. Ir. Neviaty P. Zamani, M.Sc. (CTSS, IPB, Indonesia)

  • Dr. Mark Nickum (Nickum Consultant Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)


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